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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  September 2, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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i ran outside. fighting. you see this lady and two other gentlemen in front of the house screaming there is kids inside. ambulance. >> reporter: once firefighters got inside they found all the victims trapped inside a second floor bedroom. they all had injuries which occurred before the fire. the victims were all part of the same family. the mom and dad were not married but had a 4-year-old and a 7-year-old. >> these four individuals are amanda morris, 29 years old, linden shane beharry 35 years old, brian beharry, 4 years old and brandon beharry 7 years old. >> reporter: it appears this was a triple murder-suicide. the motive for the horrible crime is unclear. why would a dpw worker with no apparent problems outside the home decide to wipe out his entire family. >> it was sad.
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you are watching it and you feel helpless, like there is nothing you can do. >> that was anthony johnson reporting. now a developing story. commuter chaos on the long island railroad. trains are running with delays in and out of penn station after a massive shut down this morning caused power problems. viewers shared these photos with us on twitter of a packed station platform. n.j. burkett is live at jamaica station with the very latest. n.j. >> reporter: that's right, jamaica station the main hub of the l.i.r.r. where trains are moving in and out of manhattan. the nation's busiest commuter railroad is back up and running at this hour, but the delays, residual delays are colossal. the average delay is 90 minutes, shirleen. for hours this morning, you could not get in and out of manhattan at all. a power supply problem
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apparently cut power to the vast network of switches and signals that controls train traffic through the east river tunnels. you can't get in or out of manhattan on the l.i.r.r. without going through those tunnels and without functioning switches, you cannot run the volume of trains that tens of thousands of commuters depend upon to get them to work. unable to get in manhattan on the l.i.r.r., they jammed the subways, the buses and the roads. railroad technicians are still working on the problems. those problems, i'm told, are largely resolved but there are residual delays throughout the system as they try to unlog the enormous backlog of trains and locomotives on the tracks. and, no, riders were not happy. >> i have been going to school for four years and i have never seen a delay like this in my entire life. >> we have been on the train about 30 minutes right now. everyone is on the phone calling their job and trying to explain to their bosses, i'm pretty sure that they are
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trying to get to work and cannot get to work. everyone is frustrated. >> about 4:50 morning, we lost power to the switches in the giant tangle of switches tunnel to manhattan. >> reporter: and, again, to be clear, the power problem is largely resolved. railroad technicians have not figured out why the problem occurred in the first place. what that means for the evening rush hour tonight is still not entirely clear. we hope to know more from the railroad later today. again, the trains are up and running in and out of manhattan and across the l.i.r.r. system but with long residual delays. live in jamaica queens, n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you,-day forecast j. two suffolk police officers are among four people hurt in a train reaction crash. the officers pulled over a car in hauppauge last night. a third car rear ended the
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police cruiser causing it to hit the first car. the two people in that car are in the hospital with serious injuries. the officers were treated and released. the driver of the third car is under arrest. we have video to show you of the suspect in an attempted rape in upper manhattan. police say this man followed a woman into a building on west 172nd street in washington heights early last saturday morning. the suspect took the elevator with the woman, followed her to her door and then tried to attack her. she fought back, made it into her apartment and the man ran off. >> the woman that managed to slip away from police after she was taken to a manhattan hospital is back in custody and has been arraigned. after lying about being pregnant, she had a new story to tell. >> i broke out of the handcuffs and i was out of the hospital. >> did you steal a woman's credit card. >> i didn't steal it. she left it in the bar for me and i used it. >> police say tiffany neumann
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escaped from a hospital in lower manhattan, went bar hopping and stole a credit card and cell phone. she was arraigned overnight on charges of escape, grand larceny, criminal possession of stolen property. she is the fourth prisoner to escape this summer. a high school on staten island suspended all football games and practices for the time being in the wake of a hazing scandal. we have learned coach susan wagner high school in seaview is suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. junior varsity players say varsity players shot a bb gun at them, roughed them up and harassed them in the showers during training camp. moments ago a judge in baltimore denied a request to dismiss the charges against six police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. there is a strong police presence outside the courthouse where the first hearing in the case is underway. protestors began gathering outside this morning demanding justice for gray. gray died from a spinal cord injury he suffered in police custody in april.
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today's hearing will address whether the officer should be tried separately. a manhunt expanding for the gunman that killed a police officer in northern illinois. marci gonzales has the latest. >> reporter: investigators say there is a possibility that the killers may have left the state. they are looking in the area north of chicago where that officer was killed telling residents there to be cautious and on the look fourth anything suspicious. an intense search for three men police say killed an illinois officer yesterday. >> send everybody you possibly can. officer is down. >> reporter: authorities changing tactics today. no help helps or roadblocks but -- helicopters or roadblocks but a flood of officers and hoping for tips to lead them to the killers. >> we want the fox lake community to know they are safe and we are out there.
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we will continue to be out there. >> federal authorities telling wgn radio they are learning more about the gunmen but aren't releasing that information. >> because of obvious reasons, the investigation continues and we don't want to tip our hand. >> only sharing the vague father lieutenant charles gliniewicz reported before 8:00 radioing in that he was chasing three suspicious men, two white and one black on foot. >> male white and male black taking the officer's side arm and pepper spray. shots were fired. unknown direction of travel. >> reporter: gliniewicz, a 30 year veteran of the force weeks away from retirement shot to death. friends vowing to find the man that took the life of the army vet and devoted father of four. >> not only did fox lake lose a family member, i lost a very dear friend. >> attorney general loretta lynch said today this and other recent shootings make it,
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quote, a sad fact that no one is safe. today schools in fox lake are closed as a precaution. shirleen. the chair pope francis will just celebrating mass september 25th was delivered today. it was handcrafted by three immigrants from mexico and central america as part of a collaboration phren don bosco -- between don bosco workers and catholic charities. he will lead a procession in central park before celebrating mass. >> i made a decision to do something that hasn't been done before. we are exciting. once in a lifetime opportunity to see his holiness in central park, the maximum opportunity for new yorkers to have a moment to see him as he passes by. >> the mayor says he believes the pope is the person speaking most clearly on the issues challenging the world. and you can find information about those tickets.
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public transit changes and road closures at and a special programming note. this friday night there will be a special edition of 20/20. abc news goes inside the vatican as world news tonight anchor david muir sits down with pope francis at 10:00 on channel 7. he thought he would never walk again. now a teenager seriously injured in a swimming accident talks about his amazing recovery and the people that helped save his life. >> jaw dropping video. a little girl dangling from a window. we will show you the heart pounding rescue. >> meteorologist amy freeze here in the accuweather center. another hot afternoon with temperatures already closing in on the 90-degree mark in many
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spots. in brooklyn in 1907, four courageous ladies saw the despair of the poor, old, and sick and founded what would become mjhs. today mjhs provides quality home care, rehabilitation and skilled nursing, and advanced hospice and palliative care for adults and children, but the values of the brooklyn ladies still guide us. mjhs. caring every minute, every day.
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texas investigators say a second man emerged out of a confrontation between two deputies and the man they shot and killed. they had one deputy of the video shooting and killing a man with his a district attorney says the new video has a clear view of the confrontation. a county clerk in kentucky refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. she cites her religious objection to same-sex marriage. yesterday even though a federal court ruled in favor of same- sex marriages and the supreme
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court refuses to hear her or corrections, she stood -- occasion corrections, she stood her ground. >> this is our home. we should have the same rights as everyone else to get a marriage license. >> she wants to be obedient to our lord and what she believes. >> tomorrow she must appear before a federal judge who could fine her in contempt and both. she refused to resign her elected position. president obama will become the first sitting u.s. president to visit native circle. it's part of the white house campaign to bring attention to the impact of climate change. yesterday the president got an up-close look at the alaska wilderness during a tour of reser vehicles bay. the white house posted pictures on instagram of the president standing at a marker indicating how far a glacier receded in the pass century. in california, a man is recovering after a bison attack.
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rescuers forced to air lift him to catalina island. he was doing surveys for a new trail system. he says he came around a corner and was face to face with the animal. he began moving away slowly but he said the bison charged. in the end he suffered moderate injuries. >> a scary even countedder that was. >> -- encounter that was. >> for sure. why the fda is cracking down on the makers of powdered cave fence. >> macy's opens the first discount store in our area. where you can find it.
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it is back to school time. here is a look at a few photos viewers shared with us today on the first day back to school. i like the book bags. send us your pictures using the bc7ny. be sure to check out the special back to school section on our web site. >> i love that. >> takes you back to the first day. >> eat does. >> also known as parent paparazzi. >> there is a conga line for some parents, back to school. >> they used to call it the best day of the year. >> for some reason. don't take it personal. how are your kids.
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>> go back after labor day, new york public school, getting the outfits laid out, schedules. >> i have the chore charts laid out. >> i bet you do. give us the weather charts. >> it's shaping up to be nice. we have heat and humidity involved but also the big holiday forecast. we start with patchy fog and haze across parts of the area. we can see the low lying moisture, reducing visibility at the surface. we see to one world trade. looking to the battery, there are changes there. you will notice that it's filtered sunshine. that's what we are getting across the area. you won't get bright sunny skies but another vantage point from brooklyn to lower manhattan, a better idea of how that sun is breaking through. so, just some clouds in the lower levels. temperatures have warmed up nicely. low to mid-80s in the hudson valley up to hopewell junction. stamford is 89 degrees.
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we have bright sunshine, the temperatures have jumped dramatically. 90 in newark. i wouldn't be surprised to see them go from the low to mid- 90s. factor in the heat index, the combining of the hot temperatures with the humidity so it feels like 92 right now in newark. feels like 89 in the boroughs. it will be a steamy afternoon. this won't be the hottest. in fact, tomorrow is the day that our heat will peak across the area. we get clouds coming and go going from time to time. call it mixed skies, some sun and cloudiness. hot and steamy. you need to be prepared for the heat. this is the second heat wave of the summer. when you get the consecutive days like this, it starts to weigh on you, heavier. feels like the low 90s, hotter tomorrow then relief is coming our way. we will be braking this cold front right after the temperatures hit the low 90s, late tomorrow night that's what provides relief for us. temperatures comb down friday
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to saturday into the holiday weekend. all systems are go. the next two days feels like temperatures into the mid-90s. look at the forecast. central new jersey, feeling like 94 in morristown. overnight the feels like temperatures are in the 70s and 80s. into tomorrow, we see the main thrust of heat coming in here. that will be the hottest that it gets before we see the cool down coming. heading to the beach or boating today, everything is a go. water temperatures are warmest for the sandy hook buoy at 78 degrees. 90, humid. we fall into the 70s. friday and saturday you can see that in the numbers, 84, 82 then back to the heat and humidity sunday, 88 degrees. labor day 89 degrees. >> good looking weekend. >> can't beat it for a summer send off unofficially. >> we will take it officially. dramatic video. a little girl dangling from a window and the neighbor that
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comes to the rescue. >> also caught on camera,
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any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. a heart pounding rescue a confrontation on the street and a serial robber hands over something the victim never expected.
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some of the stories caught on camera and caught our attention. in china, a man walking down the street looked up and saw his neighbor's young daughter hanging out of a window. the little girl left home alone tried to crawl out of the window but her head got wedged in the bars. her neighbor heard her climbs and climbed out the window of the apartment next door. he used a mop handle to hold her in place nor about 10 minutes until her parents came home and pulled her inside. police in california are searching for the cyclist caught on camera attacking a car with a metal lock. >> investigators say it was taken during a group bike ride in san francisco. the conflict appears to start when the cyclist vlade the driver hit the bike. a group of cyclists surround the vehicle and one person surrounds the car. as the driver tries to leave. officials say no one reported the incident to police. there isn't tip etiquette
12:25 pm
when you are a robber. the guy in the surveillance video ordered shots rat a bar in washington state, hand the bartender a $100 bill. when she turned around to give him the change, he held her at gunpoint. after he left she left a 50- cent tip. >> thanks a lot. appreciate it, sir sheen. talk about fast friends, a dog adopted over the weekend instantly becomes the family's best friends but she said their lives. the refrigerator started smoking in the florida home after everyone went to bed. the pooch woke up the family. they got out safely but candy wound up with a collapsed lung and smoke inhalation. the family saying the rescue pet rescued them. >> she saved our lives. i promise you, we were sleeping. we wouldn't have known otherwise. >> you take someone from a
12:26 pm
shelter, you are helping them. she is part of our family. >> wow. candy was released from the animal hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. much more news ahead in the next half hour. lifesaving surgery for a teen that thought he would never swimming accident. >> new york's governor taking campuses. a big story developing on
12:27 pm
capitol hill.
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our top stories, a family of four found dead after a fire in a new jersey home. intentionally. the fire happened overnight in long branch. a couple and their two children ages 4 and 7 died. prosecutors say they are not ruling out a murder-suicide. delays on the long island railroad because of power issues. trains are now up and running in and out of penn station with delays. the power problems caused major issues for the morning commute. a short while ago governor cuomo said it is time to invest more in the system. the manhunt continues for
12:30 pm
three people that killed a police officer near chicago. investigators believe they may have left the state. officer charles gliniewicz, a 30 year veteran of the force was weeks away from retirement. hello again, i'm david novarro. >> i'm shirleen allicot. a long island teen seriously hurt in a swimming accident is able to walk again. >> 17 year odd nico fiorell o broke about every bone in his neck after jumping in the ocean of jones beach. thanks to doctors, being able to walk again is a reality. >> stacey sager is in east meadow with the story. stacey? >> reporter: well, you know, shirleen, this is a level one trauma center at nassau university medical center. doctors unfortunately see this type of injury too often. what is truly remarkable is this teenagers recovery. check this out. this was 17-year-old nico
12:31 pm
fiorello three 1/2 months ago after he dove into a wave at jones beach, hit a sand bar and fractured his neck. part of the bone was puncturing his spinal cord as well and nico could barely move. look at him walking unassisted and nassau university medical center then rehab seven days a week at kesler institute. nico's doctors astounded. post-op pertively he regained a little bit of motor function. in the next nine weeks he has made incredible strides that i would have on nestly -- honestly, totally thrilled. >> i didn't know if i would be able to walk after that. the first time i got in the e.r., she said i don't know. then i was kind of scared there. that was my whole thought process, will i be able to walk
12:32 pm
again and standing here and being able to walk is amazing. >> reporter: nico's doctor tells us that only about 10% of patients with his type of injury are able to walk again with some assistance. virtually no one is like nico able to walk without any assistance. as for what lies ahead, he would like to play lacrosse again at school, which he starts tomorrow, senior year. he would like to play lacrosse again, that is, if his mother allows it. stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news check story out of washington. president obama with one more lawmaker in his corner secured enough votes to block opposition to the iran nuclear deal. senator from maryland is in favor of the agreement. her backing gives obama the votes needed to uphold a veto of a congressional resolution of disapproval if republicans
12:33 pm
pass such a measure earlier this month. new york's governor making an announcement about sexual assaults on campus. he addressed the crowd at nyu announcing the enough is enough law signed a few months ago will expand to law enforcement. a new sexual assault move will be enacted. a man accused of rape and murder in north carolina has been arrested in new york city. police caught 21-year-old kendrick gregory in downtown brooklyn after they tracked him down driving a stolen car. when he was arrested, police say they found two guns in the car and identified him as the suspect in an intense manhunt in north carolina. gregory is accused of opening fire during two robberies in raleigh monday killing one person. police say he also raped a 15- year-old girl. the search is on for thieves in a high priced jewel heist in the bronx.
12:34 pm
it sounds like it was out of a movie. police say burglars made off with $100,000 worth of jewels and cash from the store on east fordham road. the crooks disabled security cameras at a neighboring restaurant but entered the jewelry store through the roof. police are looking over the surveillance video from one of the cameras not disabled. now to vote 2016. republicans donald trump and jeb bush taking their attacks to a new level. now they are releasing ads aimed at each other. this is as vice president joe biden heads to florida today as he weighs a possible presidential run. abc's stephanie ramos is live in d.c. with more. stephanie? >> shirleen, both g.o.p. presidential candidates, donald trump and jeb bush fighting to the end to win the party's nomination. the gloves are off again. g.o.p. presidential candidate jeb bush and donald trump have attacked
12:35 pm
each other before but now they are throwing hard verbal punches. [speaking spanish]. in monday's round, trumps campaign released a video attacking bush for saying illegal immigration is an act of love by bringing up undocumented immigrants that committed murder. >> it's all personal for him. miss characterizations of my views. >> reporter: tuesday showing clips of trump portraying him as no conservative. >> i lived in manhattan and new york city all my life. hillary clinton i think is a terrific woman. i am biased. i have known her for years. >> trump took to instagram with bush praising presidential candidate hillary clinton. >> i want to say thank you to secretary clinton and president clinton. >> reporter: trump on the phone said he is not surprised by the recent attacks by bush. >> he had no choice. he is doing poorly in the polls.
12:36 pm
everybody that has attacked me has gone down. let's see what happens here. >> reporter: the bruising campaign had its effect on trump, bush and hillary clinton. in a new abc news "washington post" poll, it shows that the popularity ratings for all three of them are in negative territory. receive fannie ramos, channel 7 eyewitness news. shirleen, david. >> thank you, stephanie. let's turn to the big conversation happening in a lot of homes. many students are heading back to school. >> you know it. here is a few photos some of you sent us as the kiddos left home for the first day. how adorable. very cute. love the effort. keep them coming. just use the #abc7ny when posting photos on facebook and twitter or instagram. let's turn to amy freeze who is in for bill evans with the after school forecast. >> it will be a hot one if this is your first day of school making your way home on the bus stop or have to walk, it will be a hot one.
12:37 pm
moms and dads doing the pick up, it will be steamy. 90 expected in the city. feels like the low 90s, too. if we rate the day on a scale of 1 to 10 i will call it a 7. it's summer-like and what we like to see this time of year heading into the big labor day forecast, it will be steamy. the peak of the heat is tomorrow. we will talk about how hot the temperatures go and where the relief is as we head into this big labor day holiday coming up in in the accuweather seven-day forecast. >> i like the number 7. that works out. a teacher hailed as a hero after a stand off at a high school. >> i can't say enough about these kids. i have never seen overrei like this in my life. >> a gun pointed at her head in a classroom full of students. how her quick thinking helped save everyone. >> macy's opening the first off price store today.
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they are all in our area. new at noon hundreds lined up for the debut of macy's new discount stores. the outlet style stores called macy's backstage opened in he will's hurst bay sheepshead bay. it is in an attempt to attract bargain shoppers offering marked down merchandise from
12:41 pm
macy's department stores. three more backstage locations are scheduled to open in the bronx, new jersey, long island by the end of the year. uber is facing a class- action lawsuit for pocketing tip money meant for its drivers. 160,000 former uber x and black drivers are eligible to join the suit. it hinges on the claim that the drivers were really employees and misclassified by uber as independent contractors. the california court ruling covers uber drivers from 2009 through the middle of last year. now to an abc news exclusive. a teacher credited with saving the lives of dozens of students in west virginia opening up for the first time. a 14-year-old student with a gun held her classroom hostage. police say her calm quick thinking is the reason everyone is alive today. t.j. holmes has the story. >> reporter: twila smith said nothing in her teaching prepared her for the day a student would walk in the classroom and put a gun to her head.
12:42 pm
>> i thought it was my time. >> reporter: it was nine days into the school year when phillip barber high school in west virginia goes on lockdown. >> we have a hostage situation, second floor, hostage situation. >> reporter: the hostages, police say, smith and her 6th period world study students held at gunpoint by a 14-year- old freshman. >> he said that he was going to kill people and himself and there were times that he would actually hold the gun to himself but briefly and then he would put it on about six students. a lot of the beginning of the time it was on me. >> reporter: smith said the gunman ordered her to cover the window test classroom door. since no one hallway could see what was happening inside, smith and her students spent the entire period trapped with the gunman. >> you all were in there alone in a crowded school but nobody knows what is going on. >> about 29 students and
12:43 pm
myself, about 28, 29 students. >> with a kid with a gun. what were you talking to him about? >> i kept asking him to let everybody leave and he and i would stay, anything i could think of. telling him he hadn't gone too too far. >> reporter: when the bell rang, others started knocking on the door. police and the boy's pastor convinced him to let the hostages go. i did look at him. i think in my mind i said it will be okay but i can't say for sure. i just wanted him to go with us. >> that was t.j. holmes reporting. i think we can agree that is one amazing teacher. the student taking into custody facing nearly 30 charges at this time. >> amazing. a warning this afternoon from the fda about caffeine powder. why the agency is cracking down and the letter its sending to
12:44 pm
customers -- it is sending to
12:45 pm
12:46 pm
12:47 pm
cu in today's health alert, the government cracking down on the sale of potentially dangerous powdered caffeine. the agency claims safe amounts of the powder 1/16 of a teaspoon are too small to measure safely. the parents of a wrestler said one teaspoon of the powder caused his death. >> think caffeine is broken down into such an amazingly deadly lethal weapon. >> it's poison in a jar plain and simple, get rid of it. >> three of the five companies contacted by the fda say they will no longer offer pure caffeine powder supplements because it is a supplement that the fda cannot ban but they will keep putting pressure on the sellers.
12:48 pm
well, you can tell from the music that an exciting new season of "dancing with the stars" is upon us. >> i am excited for that music. got me in the mood. >> the rest of the cast members were announced. most of them appeared together for the first time today on "good morning america." here is a look at everyone who will be competing. singers chaka khan and knick carter, tamar braxton and hayes grier and spouses are included, david. >> actress alexa pena vega and her husband and singer andy grammer and kim kohl chack. paula deen, bindi irwin, victor espinosa and one of the men that throat the europe train
12:49 pm
attack alek skarlatos. >> it premieres monday, september 14th at 8:00 p.m. on channel 7. >> they have a big challenge stepping up and bringing in somebody that -- >> i love this class. >> chaka khan. >> pulled me in right away. paula deen, her personality will be crazy. looks like a good cast. i'm with you, i think the hero is the early favorite. >> how could you not go for the hero right away. in the top 5 at least. >> as we get going this afternoon, the afternoon looks solid as far as the forecast is going. hot, humid, steamy, uncomfortable. we have one more day where temperatures are hotter than we have today. if you have been here through the second heat wave thinking it's almost enough for me, we have two more to get through. stay cool, check on everyone that needs help. even though we had 90 a couple of days in a row starts to wear on you, difficult to handle.
12:50 pm
that will be the issue. on the futurecast, next chance of rain not coming in for quite some time. we will make it through thursday, into friday without seeing any raindrops across the area. that will be one thing that makes it extra sticky and steamy. even at night there is not a chance for us to cool down. that is something that we have to think about. 7 o to near 80 overnight is hard to put up with night after night. pressure on the rise. looking at the normals for this time of year, 80 for early september would be the normal. by the end of the month, we will be at 69 for the normal. this is a month of transition. we are definitely on the extreme heat side of thing with temperatures 10 to 12 above the average. we are at 90 nor newark, many spots in the upper 80s to 90s. heat index, the humidity becoming a factor. feels like temperatures in the low 90s are likely in many spots. if you are trying to get away from the heat close to the
12:51 pm
water will do it, radar and satellite getting relief from time to time, it never really becomes a mostly cloudy skies and partly sunny most of the time. tomorrow is the peak of the heat. the relief is actually this cold front. so, one more day tomorrow of really hot temperatures then that slides through and that brings the temperatures down into the low 80s a lot more bearable through thursday afternoon we are shower free. the front comes through late thursday night into friday. perhaps friday late in the evening isolated storms north and west of the area. nothing coming through that is a real soccer into the holiday weekend. if you are making a get a way to the catskills, jersey shore, hamptons, things are looking good for labor day weekend. hazy and humid today. 90. tonight into the mid-70s and we heat things back up tomorrow again. on the accuweather seven-day forecast, the cool down is temperature important -- temporary. sunday up to 88 and then
12:52 pm
monday, the long weekend here pushes us to 89 monday for the actual labor day itself forecast. it's on. the unofficial end to summer is officially very summer-like. so, the beat goes on. >> yeah. >> well, we are ready. thank you. >> we will handle this. >> we got this. >> we have done this before. >> thank you, amy.
12:53 pm
we will be right back.
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an arkansas woman has a court date set for next month because of controversial lawn decorations. her landscaping is giving new
12:56 pm
meaning to the idea of a potted plant. tony atkinson is calling the lawn art to those of the untrained eye it may look like a collection of toilets with planting out -- growing out of them. >> that's what it looks like to me. >> inspectors cited her for appliance and yard waste. yeah. >> it's art. that's what it is. >> that's what they call it. most people walk their dogs. a couple in new jersey takes theirs on a flying leap. >> yes, jenny and brian from medford lakes own two of the top dock diving dogs in the country. they are german short haired pointers cello and hutch. they are champions of jumping into water and retrieving items. lots of events. they say it's fun and games for the dogs. >> the humans take it seriously. the dogs enjoy being out with their owners and jump in the water. to see them having fun and
12:57 pm
loving life it's fun for us as well. >> they make it look easy. >> it's all for cause. the cash prices they bin are in turn dough played to a dog rescue group. good for them. looks like fun for everybody involved. >> that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news. i'm david novarro. >> i'm shirleen allicot. make sure you are back this afternoon for "eyewitness news first at 4:00." go out and enjoy this afternoon. look how beautiful it is... honey, we need to talk. we do? i took the trash out. i know - and thank you so much for that. i think we should get a medicare supplement insurance plan. right now? whether you're new to medicare or not, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. it's up to you to pay the difference. so think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay.
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